15 January 2012

2/52 - Open

It's week two of the Let's Do 52 photography challenge and I'm still on track.  Can I get a WOOHOO?!!

I have to admit that I struggled with the themes on offer this week - Open or Responsibility - as I couldn't get my head around how I would photograph either of those.  Honestly, I think I'm over-thinking things a tad, but I was a bit chuffed when an opportunity presented itself thanks to a cousin, a loose tooth and an errant towel.

Here is my entry for this week, with the theme of "Open"...

This is my big girl, who, at the ripe old age of eight and three quarters, has just lost her first front tooth - her fifth in all, thereby opening up a significant gap in her smile ;-)  She's a bit of a late bloomer where all things toothy-peg are concerned. She didn't even get a tooth in her head until 16 months - so a visit from the tooth fairy is quite the event in our house considering that visits have been so few and far between to date.

The reference to the cousin and the towel form the rest of the story as to how the tooth was actually lost, and I'm rather glad that I was off at the markers with my sister-in-law when it all went down, to be honest...

We got home from the markets with a bunch of fresh markety goodness to make a yummy summer holidays dinner, and were met excitedly at the front door with a gap toothed grin and a story of how, after splashing in the paddling pool for a while in the afternoon, the four cousins got out to get ready for bath time and cousin Ruby flicked her beach towel out to hang it on the airer, clipping Hannah's tooth in the process and flicking it right out of her head!

My stomach flipped over more than once during the telling of the story, not to mention the photographic evidence that daddy took and delighted in showing me afterwards, which I won't be sharing here.  You're welcome.

So now my big girl is left with a single, super wobbly snaggle tooth at the top and does a passable impression of Nanny McPhee with it.  I suspect that one will be out in the next week or so as well, with any luck, minus the drama and butchery of the last...

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