21 April 2011

The Easter Hat - a fairytale

Once upon a time, a four and a half year old girl brought a note home from Kindy advising her parents that she would need an Easter hat to wear in the parade a couple of weeks later.

The mummy was always under the impression that the Easter hat was to be constructed during class time, so was happily surprised that she would have the opportunity to take part in the creation of said Easter hat.

The Kindy teachers meanwhile, were unaware of the monster they had unleashed in the mummy, whose main purpose in having children was to enable her to do school twice over again, having enjoyed it so much the first time around.

The mummy happened to be in possession of a vast array of crafting equipment and she immediately set about thinking up a prototype, a design which was to be brought to life by pastel coloured felt and an interactive element too...

With the design finalised, the children set to work cutting out felt egg shapes, happy to be included in the grand vision of the Easter hat.

Being well versed in the operation of the equipment required, and having seen the mummy use it in almost every crafting creation since its acquisition a year ago, the girls worked quickly and efficiently to create an assortment of different coloured and sized felt "eggs".


At the time of the commencement of the construction phase, the big girl was at school, and the small girl - aside from allowing the mummy to measure her head for size - was more interested in her Polly Pocket and Barbie collection, leaving the mummy to complete her vision virtually unassisted.

The mummy worked happily, cutting and sticking, assembling and building with (sporadic interested assistance from the small girl) until the final product was ready to be tried on.

The small girl was delighted with her hat, in particular the little bunny that bounced when she walked as a result of being attached by clear plastic strips to a band spanning the crown section...

With a whole week to go until the Easter hat parade (and being one of the few times in her life the mummy was organised for something so far in advance) the hat itself had to be put away safely so that the small girl didn't subject it to numerous exuberant trying on sessions and ultimately trash it in the lead up to the parade.

When the day dawned, the small girl was excited to finally put on her hat. She and the big girl also had little baskets of Easter treats each to hand out to their friends.

Once at school the mummy stood misty-eyed with the other mummies and daddies as the precious array of Kindy kids marched past proudly wearing their various creations.

And now they're all on school holidays after a really long and tiring school term and are heading off for a long weekend on the south coast of WA where they will chill out blissfully and hope that the Easter Bunny knows where to find them.

The End.

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Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Love this story, love that Big Girl and that Small Girl, LOVE the hat, LOVE bunny, LOVE the Easter Treats.. oohhh LOVE the NEW Green Rug!!! ( It's like mine!!! :D) Love the Big Girl and The Small Girl's MUmmy!! oh and the Daddy too ;-)

Happy Happy Easter, I hope you have a FABULOUS little trip, and I'm sure the Easter Bunny will find his way... how could he not, when it's such a GORGEOUS family!!!

xx SJ