17 February 2011

Thelma the playdough machine!

Towards the end of last year, having coveted one for a very long time, I joined the ranks of "Owners of a Thermomix" and while I'm still learning to drive it to a certain extent, crikey I'm having fun doing it!

This morning, having found the last batch of (very purple!) playdough in the toy room all crusty and dried out with the lid left off, I thought my small girl and I would try out the Thermo version of playdough, and what a treat it was!

Super easy to do, with a Polly Pocket recess in the middle while we waited for the first part of the process to cool, a few drops of pink food colouring later, and we had a fabbo batch of the pinkest pink playdough you ever did see!

Hours of fun ensued, and provided that the lid stays on this batch for a while, I'm sure there will be many more such hours to come :-)


~Lisa J~ said...

Oooh, can't believe I haven't tried Thermo-playdough yet!! This weekend for sure! You have inspired me Sarah ;D

Anonymous said...

I'm having another go at posting a comment....maybe I'll work out what I'm doing wrong. These pics of Sophie are beautiful. I love the writing here Sarah....the fonts and colours etc are great. Aunty m x

Lee said...

..still coveting.. xx

Anonymous said...

can you please share which Thermomix you used it and what settings? I would love to try making it for my little one! Thanks


One Klassy Chick said...

Hi Iza,

I have the TM 31 and just followed the recipe from the Everyday Cookbook that came with the machine :-)